Online Mathematics Competition
for grades K-5
Trial round:Apr 20 – May 12
Main competition:May 13 – 27
Convenient online challenges
English / Spanish / Non-Readers
Open to students in kindergarten - grade 5
Participation is free

Trial round

Apr 20 – May 12

Get your thinking caps on! The trial round gives students an opportunity to practice the tasks for an unlimited amount of time before the main competition.

Results of the trial round do not affect the main competition.

Main competition60 minutes

May 13 – 27

Put your skills to the test! Students will have a 60-minute window to complete the tasks in any given day.

All students can participate in the main competition, including any who did not participate in the trial round.

Mind-growing challenges

Competition Plus promotes outside-the-box thinking in a fun and friendly competition setting

For all students

Available in English and Spanish, with voiceover for non-readers

Take a Sneak Peek!
1, 2, 3...Target!
Mary the explorer

Join the Fun, Join the Learning!

The Competition Plus consists of fun and interactive tasks in game form.

All of the tasks promote learning in a fun and effective way.

Competition Plus helps students develop endurance, logic, and spatial imagination.

The unique online format allows every child to take part regardless of their level of knowledge, background, or location.


Results will be released on May 28th.

Participants can access a printable award certificate in their personal account at Both students and teachers can download the awards.

All participating teachers will be awarded with special appreciation letters.